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本校學生榮獲Study in Taiwan「留學臺灣—我的選擇」徵文第三名、佳作!
NDHU Thailand student Ravikan Nonkhuntod, and Indonesian student Haerani Ester Siahaan are awarded the third price and an excellent work in "Why did I choose to study in Taiwan."
"Studying at National Dong Hua University has been a milestone journey. Thailand, my home country, is not far from Taiwan, but many things are different. Being a scholar in Taiwan has given me not only education, but has also let me gain invaluable experience. Taiwan offers me three things that I will never forget: an excellent environment, a professional education, and an international connection." --- by Ravikan Nonkhuntod.
"The reasons why I choose Taiwan to pursue my degree is because Taiwan is considered to have good education systems and learning environment for studying. Also, Taiwan is a country with beautiful sights and a fascinating way of life. One of the most unique and greatest things studying in Taiwan that Taiwan is a safe country with multicultural and a welcoming environment. I think the educational system of Taiwan has a very good reputation and assures quality education in the world." --- by Haerani Ester Siahaan.
本校泰國學生Ravikan Nonkhuntod及印尼學生Haerani Ester Siahaan,榮獲財團法人高等教育國際合作基金會所舉辦的「留學臺灣—我的選擇」趣味文章徵選活動,第三名及佳作!
「留目前就讀於國立東華大學的Ravikan Nonkhuntod來自泰國,在本次競賽中獲得第三名,她在文章中分享了她愛上臺灣的原因:安全的臺灣社會讓她可以無後顧之憂追求知識。她強調,臺灣高教品質不僅深獲國際認可,「從做中學」的教學方式對培養分析與綜合判斷能力亦有很大幫助。她認為留學臺灣獲得的不只是學位,更重要的是做學問的方法。」(報導全文)
Ravikan Nonkhuntod、Haerani Ester Siahaan文章全文請按我